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Techniques that Waylon’s Cleaners Use in Carpet Cleaning in Dagenham RM10

You’ll have a choice of two different options when we’re your carpet cleaners in Dagenham RM10, when it comes to methods we can use on your fabrics. Which one is best will depend on the nature of the material that you have – this we can check before your service is due to start with a pH test.

Dry Cleaning

Is our method of choice for natural fabrics that might not be so fond of being exposed to water! Special absorbing powder will be scattered across your carpet by an expert, after which high powered suction equipment will remove it.

Hot Water Extraction (a.k.a. Steam Cleaning)

Is our primary treatment method. The combined heat of the steam and the effectiveness of the cleansing agents we use is ideal for almost any fabric, and can also work wonders with pests and allergens as well as stains.

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